School Guild Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held at 7pm in the school cafeteria.
Free babysitting is available for children 3 and older
during all Parent Guild meetings.

Also check out our Events Page
for special Parent Guild events and dates,
or download the calendar of events.

School Guild Officers

President: Marc Cardin

Vice-President: Alicia Olszewski

Treasurer: Liliana Teixeira

Secretary: Patty Ramos


We encourage each family to actively participate in the Guild meetings and join in the planning
of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school.

What is the St. Peter&'s Tri-Parish School School Parent Guild?

St. Peter's Tri-Parish School Parent Guild is the name of our parent organization. Similar groups in most public schools are known as the PTO or PTA.

Who are the members of the Parent Guild?

Any parent and/or legal guardian of a student attending St. Peter Tri-Parish School can join the Parent Guild.

How is the Parent Guild organized?

The St. Peter Tri-Parish School Parent Guild is a voluntary organization that works closely with and is accountable to the school’s administrators. The normal business of the Parent Guild is managed by the executive board, which consists of the elected officers and the Principal. Committees and sub-committees of Guild members manage the functions and projects sponsored by the Parent Guild. The elected officers, in conjunction with school administrators, supervise all functions and projects of the Parent Guild.

How are officers elected and what are the positions?

Officers of the Parent Guild are elected every two years at the annual meeting in May. A nominating committee, appointed by the Guild President and Principal, presents a proposed slate of officers to the membership for consideration. Parent Guild members may offer additional nominations from the floor during the meeting. Majority votes determine successful candidates. The offices consist of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. The School Principal serves as an ex-officio member of the Parent Guild and all of its committees.

How does the Parent Guild raise funds and how are they used?

St. Peter Tri-Parish School Parent Guild is proud of its support of the school. Each of the social events sponsored by the Parent Guild such as Mother-Son night and Father-Daughter Dance, charges admission fees and may conduct raffles to cover all costs, as well as to provide funding for projects that cannot, practically, be self-funding.

The Parent Guild sponsors and conducts several primary fund raising events. Among these are the Twenty-Five Week Club, the Big Raffle and the SCRIP program (Supermarket Card program). The proceeds from these fundraisers are used primarily to assist in maintaining the established tuition level.

The realization of our goals is possible only through the generosity of our members and their families and friends, who contribute time, talents, and material goods towards the various projects undertaken by the Guild. Without your support the Parent Guild could never accomplish all that it does in the course of a school year.

What can I do to help?

Join us! As a parent or legal guardian of a St. Peter's Tri-Parish School student, you can join our Parent Guild. Attend the monthly Guild meeting or join one of our committees. YOU are the key to our success!!

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