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We follow the closing, delayed opening and early dismissal schedule as announced by the Warwick School Department. This means if you see/hear that the Warwick School Department has no school/delayed opening/early closing, the same will apply to St. Peter School.

School cancellation announcements are made on local TV and radio--Channels 6, 10, 12, WHJJ 920AM, WPRO 630AM and LITE 105FM.

If we have delayed opening, i.e. one-hour delay, EXTENDED DAY will also begin one hour later than the normal start time of 7:30AM. The program will begin at 8:30AM.

If Warwick cancels AM Kindergarten only, this does not apply to us as we have a FULL DAY Kindergarten program.

If your child is in the half day Preschool program and we have a delayed start to the day, the option to bring him/her in late is yours.

If we have an early dismissal time, we will NOT have the EXTENDED DAY PROGRAM. If you are delayed for a very short time, we will not leave a child alone in the building or outside of the school, but it is IMPERATIVE that you make alternate pick up plans if you are not immediately available.

It is very important that you listen to the television or radio on stormy days to keep informed of the opening, early dismissal and closing times. Our telephone line is very, very busy on stormy days and you may not be able to reach the office. If you get through on the line and reach our voice mail system, you may press #6 after the initial telephone greeting to hear the message regarding opening, early dismissal or closing. We try to get the message on the system as soon as possible but are delayed many times due to the volume of incoming calls.

Please bear in mind that the Warwick School Department does provide transportation for those who normally take the bus home, however, someone must meet the bus or be at home when the children arrive, especially in the case of younger children. Older children should have access to the home. If you are unable to leave your job to pick up your child/children at the designated time, or if you work a great distance from the school, please make arrangements with a family member or friend to come to school for dismissal.

We do not make individual calls to parents regarding closings, delayed openings or early dismissals. We have only one school phone line. Perhaps you can arrange to have a relative or friend call you when they hear/see the media announcement.

The health and safety of the children is always our primary concern. As stated above, if you are delayed for a short period of time, we will never leave a child unattended in or outside of the building. We ask your cooperation so that our faculty and staff can leave in a timely manner to get home safely to their families.

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